Katie Pemberton has attended Central Alabama Community College for the last two and a half years, where she finished all of her basics.

“I love the campus and the administration,” Pemberton said.

She recently moved to Auburn, hoping that would help her decide exactly what she wanted to do and where she wants to be, as she loves Auburn and has many friends there.

“It’s a great place to be at a young age because it is filled with college-age students,” she explained.

Always interested in the medical field, Pemberton started off wanting to be a veterinarian but switched over to physical therapy. Now in nursing, she will start nursing school this spring.

“I chose nursing because I love the satisfaction of being able to help others. While I don’t know exactly what field of nursing I want to go into, I plan for the first few years to do travel nursing. I’ve always wanted to be able to see more of the world and being able to work and do that is a win-win,” she said.

Pemberton likes to spend her free time hunting with her dad and her uncle and enjoys fishing at Lake Martin. She also enjoys deep-sea fishing.

“As much as I love fall and winter, summertime will always have my heart,” she said. “I love going on Lake Martin with my friends and family. My favorite things at the lake are hanging out at Chimney Rock, and I love the atmosphere at The Landing.”

Pemberton also likes to spend time with her two nephews. Watching them grow up is very special to her.

“Family means the world to me. Most of my family lives in Alex City, so I don’t see myself moving permanently too far away,” she said.

As a continuing student at CACC, Pemberton said she still does love being there because it is close to home and close to the lake. 

“I’ve always loved it, even from the beginning. Now that I’ve been accepted for nursing school, I’m excited because I am comfortable with the area. I think I won’t get stressed so much because I am comfortable with it already,” she said.

“If I could tell anyone who doesn’t know what they want to do anything, it would be ‘go to CACC and do some basic core classes. With the Gateway program, you’re already going for free. It’s great to do that and not just go off to a college just because you want to live somewhere else,” she said.