After working for 40 years as an attorney for WestPoint Pepperell and Russell Corp/Fruit of the Loom, Clay Humphries retired and became a full–time resident at Lake Martin in Dadeville. He spends much of his time at the lake taking photos of anything that catches his eye. 

I have never had photography training, and I do not consider myself a photographer or even an amateur photographer. I just cannot resist taking photos,said Humphries, who has more than 10,000 photos on his iPhone.

Of those, about 5,000 are of Lake Martin̓s terrain, wildlife and sunrises or sunsets. 

The best thing I ever did was to buy a lot at the lake in 1985 because, as a kid, I knew that I would want to live in this very special place one day. I would not live anywhere else, honestly. There are so many opportunities to take beautiful photos, he said. If you are not paying attention, a great opportunity may be missed, but if you have a phone, it is almost always with you. So, when I̓m kayaking down the river and an eagle flies over or the lilies are in bloom, I stop and take pictures. Or when I walk out on the dock, and the sun is setting or the moon is rising over the lake, I just cannot resist.

While Humphries has many other hobbies, photography is certainly a passion. He has taken photos on sailboat trips to Croatia, wine trips to France, beach trips with his daughter and even a trip to England with his son. 

Humphries has not read books on technique and composition but said other photographers have inspired him. He finds his main inspiration in from the surroundings and the ability to use his phone to shoot awe-inspiring photos.