The 4,000 members of Valley Bank’s Prestige program get some cool non-traditional bank perks like game nights, holiday parties and group travel opportunities. But what they really get is the opportunity to meet other people in their communities and form friendships that could last a lifetime. 

The Prestige program began in Alexander City in 1988 by previous bank president John Russell Thomas, as a way to build more personal relationships with Valley customers. More than 31 years later, the program has members across Alabama and Florida markets.

Prestige is an unorthodox program for Valley customers who are 50-plus years old and maintain at least $10,000 in deposits at the bank. Members receive perks including discounts on safe deposit box rentals and a bump in CD rates. They also enjoy fun activities, timely educational lunch and learns, a great holiday party and access to trips. 

Valley employees understand that customers want to do everything from reviewing their balances to making deposits online. But we also see that many customers want opportunities to interact with other folks, and that’s why the Prestige program is so popular in its Alabama markets. 

As the Prestige group has dramatically increased in Alabama over the past five years, it’s become clear that there’s one thing Prestige members rave about – the travel.

In any given year, the Prestige program offers access to multiple international trips, from cruises around Italy to safari tours in Africa. Also, there are numerous stateside trips, ranging from multi-day stays in places like Yellowstone National Park or New York City to shorter day trips for entertainment such as museums and theater shows. 

In 2020, members can look forward to exclusive adventures to Ireland, Tuscany, the Albuquerque Balloon Festival, national parks in Arizona and Utah and the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina, at Christmas.

Travel with Prestige offers competitive group pricing, but it also offers unbeatable experiences. For example, when Prestige members go to Italy, the group might tour a vineyard with the owners; and then, smash some grapes together before sharing a five-course meal in the winery under the stars. 

Members love the trips Valley offers, but the real benefit is building relationships and lifelong friendships with people in the community. For Valley, the benefit is that we get lifelong customers, as our staff helps them with both personal and business banking needs.

Many people wonder what changes at a bank when there’s a name change or a branch moves, but for Valley customers, the Prestige program reinforces the fact that no matter what, Valley is still the same customer-oriented, Alabama-minded bank. 

The only requirement to be a member of Prestige is to maintain a balance of $10,000 in deposits at Valley Bank and for you or your spouse to be 50 years or older. 

~ Nannette Sheaffer is the Alabama Senior Marketing Specialist and Prestige Manager for Valley National Bank. She is based in Birmingham and has been with Valley Bank, formerly USAmeriBank, since 2014. Contact Sheaffer at 205-408-2066 or visit for more information about Valley’s Prestige program.