Earth Day Cleanup.jpg

Jodie McGirt unloads massive amounts of trash after a successful Earth Day clean-up.

In conjunction with Tallapoosa County Tourism and Lake Martin Resource Association, Lake Martin Tourism Association celebrated Earth Day with the inaugural Tourism Gives Back Earth Day Cleanup. 

Lake Martin Resource Association conducts cleanups on an ongoing basis, and everyone is always welcome to participate. The dates for community cleanups are listed on the Lake Martin Tourism calendar, which can be found on the website at

And if you can’t make it to a scheduled cleanup, plan one of your own, in any area of preference, any time during the month. Lake Martin Tourism Association and LMRA will make it as easy as possible and provide pickers, bags, vests or whatever the crew may need. Reach out to Lake Martin Tourism or LMRA, and they will arrange a drop-off of supplies or a pick up at the Lake Martin Innovation Center.


 The cleanup was a huge success thanks to all of those in the community that participated.

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