Thank You message with red Christmas present with pine cones

Thank You message with red Christmas present with pine cones and horn on textured silver

Season’s greetings, friends and neighbors. My, what a year! None of us would have ever imagined that we would significantly alter our holiday plans to the extreme we are this year- due to the predicament and hardships COVID-19 has placed in our lives.  

Indeed, it has been a long, emotionally challenging 10 months for everyone. We can finally see the light at the end of this tunnel with the much-anticipated launch of a vaccine. Although it will take some time to inoculate the masses, that curve will finally flatten, and we can eventually return to normal; however, normal looks in the future. We all look forward to the day when we can safely hug our loved ones and break bread together. 

From the hospital’s standpoint, I cannot find the words to adequately convey our sincere appreciation for the outpouring of love and support our community has shown us throughout this unprecedented time. From the donations of meals, supplies, handmade mask covers, protective equipment, treats, letters, monetary donations, the personal prayers and community-wide prayer vigils, we say, thank you. Those two words may be simple, but they mean so much. It is a heartfelt sentiment from everyone at Russell Medical. 

As I write this, our ICU is full.  We are amid a significant uptick in positive COVID-19 cases, and the healthcare system at large is extremely taxed. 

Available beds across Alabama are dwindling, and staffing needs are critical everywhere. Folks are tired – physically, mentally and emotionally. But the fight continues, and the care never waivers. Our doors are always open, and we are here for you.

Our healthcare workers are undeniably heroes and are fighting hard to keep our community safe and well.  This pandemic has hit us all hard, and we want to see it end. It has been said a million times, but, please adhere to all precautions. Wash your hands often. Keep a safe distance between yourself and others. Wear a mask and keep your holiday gatherings to a minimum this year. The best Christmas gift we can give each other is to put an end to COVID-19.  

All of us at Russell Medical wish you a happy holiday and a healthy New Year. May you have the gladness of Christmas, which is hope; the spirit of Christmas, which is peace; and the heart of Christmas, which is love.

~Susan Foy is the marketing director for Russell Medical.