As the coronavirus gained a solid footing last spring, Lacey Howell shared with you a reading list (page 46; April 2020 issue of Lake Martin Living magazine) that you’ve most certainly read your way through by now (Not!). As reading is No. 2 on the list of hobbies picked up by people staying safer at home, we thought we’d add a little challenge to your sequestered reading list by introducing these titles from local authors.

Thanks to Library Director Amy Huff and her staff at the Adelia M. Russell Library in Alexander City for compiling this list for us. You’ll find many of these titles for loan at the library and many more e-books on loan at or

We recommend the Working for Uncle Henry series by Alexander City’s Angela Mullins. Two books in the series are currently in print and make delightfully entertaining reading that mixes art and espionage with World War II history.

We also love Lila Graves’ books, White Wings and Find Your Heart in Lake Martin: An A to Z Book by Katie Hines Porterfield and illustrated by Lila Graves. White Wings is a fast, but beautiful true-to-life tale about the author’s journey through cancer, and Graves’ illustrations create an adventurous read for early readers, as they learn about the lake locations highlighted in the book.

Terrell Owens' inspiring story offers insight into his NFL career and fitness regimen in this three projects, Catch This!, T.O. and T.O’s Finding Fitness.

Here are a few more offerings from local writers: 

Treasures of the Heart, Melinda Blair

The Last Hunt in Early County, Dr. John C. Blythe

Undiagnosed, Larry Brady

Blood Cries, Dave Brasfield

Gracie's Alabama Volunteers: The History of the Fifty-ninth Alabama Volunteer Regiment, John Michael Burton

I'm Still Here: The Memories of Ralph Frohsin, Ralph Frohsin

Shivers, Charles R. Gillenwaters

To Kill a Preacher: A Tale of Voodoo, Death and Insurance, E. Paul Jones

Down Not Out and Just Pilgrims "The Kelso Pond Syndrome", Ron Kervin

Screw This! Let's Be Real, Drew Huffman

My Last Days as Roy Rogers; On Tripoli Circle and Out of the Night That Covers Me, Pat Cunningham Devoto

Life with Strings Attached and Min at Work: Stories of Writing, Painting, Aunting and Believing, Minnie Lamberth

Working for Uncle Henry and The Ficitonal Biography of Samuel Archer, Angela Mullins

A Right to Write and Verses of Pain and Love, Runas Powers III

Catch This!; Going deep with the NFL's Sharpest Weapon, T.O. and T.O.'s Finding Fitness: Making the Mind, Body and Spirit Connecion for Total Health Terrell Owens

The Author: Nuclear Proliferation and the Terrorist, Ben Russell

Alexander City, Laura Bell Oliver with P.J. Walls

The Life I Have Lived, Herbert Ogle, Jr.

Reflections On Nature, Peggy Jackson Walls

Cotton Mary; Crystal Angel: The Church and the Civil Rights Struggle in the South; Goober Joe: Coming of Age: A Civil War Novel; Grave Dancin'; Jacob's Robe: A Novel and Mystic Bat, Bob Whetstone

Precious Lucy Baine, Nellie Mae Pritchard

America on the Rerun: TV Shows that Never Die, David Story

Pills That I Have Known, Diane Welcher

Union At All Costs: From Confederation to Consolidation, John M. Taylor

A Woman of Purpose, Valerie Thomas

The Baptists at Elkehatchee: 1845-1862, Tallapoosa County, Alabama; The Baptists of Youngville and Vicinity 1872 Tallapoosa County, Alabama; A Bit of History...Tallapoosa, Alabama: Pentecost Methodist Church; Church Hill Community; Adcock Family Bible, The First Presbyterian Church of Alexander City, Alabama: Celebrating 100 years 1893-1993; Orez Veazey’s Scrapbook: Newspaper Clippings of World War II Soldiers Who Served from Tallapoosa County, Alabama; Some Pioneers of Tallapoosa County, Alabama;Wayside Baptist Church Alexander City, Alabama: “A celebration of Faith” 1947-1997 and The Youngville Cemetery: In the Vicinity of the “Georgia Store” Tallapoosa County, Alabama, Sandra Wilson

Descendants of William Henry and Pauline Hannon Smith 1814-1996 and Byron Causey: Father of a College, Edith Cameron Blankenship

And if you’ve also picked up some projects in the No. 4 hobby – arts and crafts – we’ve included a quick and easy bookbag sewing project we found on the wedding site Somethingturquoise called this a honeymoon bag. We think it’s a great no-pattern, easy-for-beginners project that can be completed in very little time, even by those who have never sewed anything.

You can find the complete directions for the big bag on that wedding website, but we did make a few adjustments to adapt our bag for books. Instead of cutting 40-inch by 22-inch rectangles, we cut two 17-inch by 17-inch squares fromeach of  two different upholstery fabrics we found at Walmart. We stitched two squares from the same fabric together at the bottom, so our teapots would be right side up on both sides of the bag.

The rest of the directions are exactly the same as on the website, and our bookbag is reversible. It quickly transforms into a farmers market tote.