No matter how busy or chaotic a pet parent’s life may become, they love to photograph their fur babies. With every photograph of these cute, snuggly animals comes a memory, a bit of personality and a little harmony. 

Pet parents also love sharing the photos they take of their pets, whether it be on social media, by adorning desks or walls with their cuddly mugs, or even by catching an unsuspecting friend or colleague with a camera roll of pet snapshots on the phone from the weekend, these parents are proud. And they should be. 

Pets are photogenic and funny and often times the camera comes out because they are doing something incredibly interesting, quite humorous or they seem completely at peace. Revisiting photos like this in the future has even been proven to have positive outcomes on health, like combating stress and increasing the levels of dopamine in the brain, which is the chemical that causes happiness. 

So, in honor of National Pet month, Pet Parents Day and our readers, we asked people that follow Lake Martin Living on Facebook and Instagram to send in photos of their fur-ever friends and this was the outcome. Enjoy a little happiness, on us.