Today, I find myself writing about a topic that wasn’t on our radar screen just a few short weeks ago. COVID-19, aka coronavirus, has taken the spotlight on the world stage. Our lives have changed quickly since the World Health Organization declared an international pandemic in March and our governor issued a stay-at-home order in April .

We’ve all had to amend our plans. At Russell Medical, we have temporarily put on the back burner events that include a ground-breaking ceremony for a new health clinic in the county; the unveiling of our new 3D mammography unit in the Women’s Center; and the fanfare surrounding an annual Russell Medical Foundation. We look forward to bringing these celebrations back to the front in the coming weeks.

There’s one thing for certain, however: We are prepared to meet the challenging demands of this virus, and we are forever grateful for the outpouring of prayers and support from you, our friends and neighbors. 

As of the afternoon of Friday, April 10, Russell Medical has conducted 440 COVID-19 tests to patients meeting the CDC criteria for testing, and of these, 60 have been confirmed positive.  There is no telling what the numbers will be by the time this magazine appears in racks, but hopefully, we will be at the flattening stage; or better yet, on the downward stretch. 

During this quarantine, most of our physicians offer tele-health options whereby a patient’s office visit is conducted over the phone or computer. This is quite convenient for patients needing prescriptions refilled or follow-up appointments. Call your physician’s office to inquire about tele-health options, or visit our website atrussellcares.com for a list of physicians offering this service. 

Over the last few weeks, so many of you have shown our healthcare team an abundance of love, gratitude and support. It means more than you know. You also continue to ask what you can do to buoy the spirits of those on the front lines. Here are our answers:  

Stay healthy

Everyone in our organization is working tirelessly to take care of our community. The best thing you can do for us is to stay at home and remain healthy. Practice good hand hygiene andadhere to the social distance guidelines to slow the tide of the virus. So hunker down at home and only go out when necessary. 

Say Thanks Virtually

We love hearing from you. Send us a virtual message through our website on our Contact Us page, and we will get it to our team. We would love to see your little ones draw a picture, sing a song or create a card. Take pictures of their creations or record messages (no more than 30 seconds), and post them to Russell Medical’s Facebook or Instagram pages with the hashtag  #ThanksRussellMedical.   

Make a donation

We have received many offers for homemade mask covers, supplies, food and other donations. We are directing all outreach efforts to Tammy Jackson, Russell Medical Foundation Director, 256-215-7459 or 256-749-4541; and Holly Williams, Human Resources Director, 256-329-7394. Please call one of these ladies if you are interested in making a contribution. We appreciate your kind generosity. 

To use a nautical analogy, we are moving through uncharted waters, and although it’s rough and choppy, we know there will be smooth sailing ahead. We look forward to that calm day when our corner of the world returns to normal. Until then, take care and stay well. Wash your hands often; wear a mask when you are in public; and count on us to take care of you if you need us. We are here for you!

~ Susan Foy is marketing director at Russell Medical.