Lake Martin Living’s Annual Art & Photography Contest

Est. 1926 by Edward Brummal won first place in the art contest.

This year’s Lake Martin Living Art & Photography Contest had a record-breaking number of entries. With 109 submitted pieces of art, the talent was abundant and the competition fierce.

Artist Barbara Binford Davis from Montgomery judged the 40 art pieces and had a difficult time narrowing down the winners. Ultimately, Edward Brummal’s oil pastel Est. 1926 caught her eye based on the technique, coloring and the ability of Brummal to capture the light in the scene.

“The use of color is just incredible. He captured the light on the shimmery lake, and the subtlety in the sky and water is so hard to capture,” said Davis. “It just screams Lake Martin to me. You really feel like you’re sitting there in the shade looking through the pine trees.”

Professional photographer Kenneth Boone had a tough job judging the 69 submitted photos. He chose Kay Alkire Brummal’s Emerald Escape for first place and could not say enough about how fascinating it was.

“This is just a really amazing image. It has a real art deco feel, and it takes a lot of skill to see this picture,” said Boone.

Kay Brummal’s other two photos were equally as appealing to Boone, and he said they all really were award-worthy.

Second place art was awarded to Karen Ingram’s Dream Catcher at Chimney Rock painting, and Davis said she loves how it really captures a moment in time with a scene anyone can relate to at the lake.

“It’s just detailed enough without taking it too far. I really appreciate the craftsmanship, with good shadowing and composition,” she said.

Mitford Fontaine’s Children’s Harbor Sunrise won second place in the photography contest. Boone said Fontaine did an exceptional job at capturing a photo many people are accustomed to taking.

“He needed just the right angle to get the lighthouse reflection where it was, and the warm light contrasts with the cool blues,” he added.

Davis awarded Anne Hugghins third place for her Lake Time oil painting based on its gorgeous coloring, the variety of textures used and the impressive brushwork, she said.

Third place in the photography category was awarded to Martha McKim for her untitled photo of Koi fish in a pond. Boone said he appreciated McKim’s unusual point of view, and her ability to capture the fish moving to create the perfect negative space.

Honorable mentions from Davis included Donna Harris Cantrell’s Elkahatchee Creek oil painting for its atmospheric perspective and illusion of depth, along with Cantrell’s Country Road oil for similar reasons; and Edward Brummal’s Dog Days oil pastel for the striking movement and relatable scene.

Boone wanted to call attention to Penny Wegener’s Misty Martin Morning for its interesting composition; Micah Bennett’s Romantic Lantern based on its Photoshop work and contrasting warm and cool colors; Shannon McDuffie’s untitled photo of Kowaliga Bridge for her unique use of a lens; and Natalia Kretschmann’s photo for capturing the beautiful backlighting from the sun coming through the gladiolas.

The art reception Oct. 1 kicked off the gallery opening of all submissions at Gallery 128. Those in attendance voted Mimi Amerson’s The Goats of Lake Martin as the People’s Choice winner.

Gallery 128 is located at 128 Calhoun St., and the exhibit will be on display through the month of October. For photos of all entries, pick up a copy of October’s Lake Martin Living.