Lake Martin’s water levels are expected to decrease over the next 24 to 48 hours and will line up with the rule curve by the end of the week now that the recent storm front has moved out of the area. The lake level rose nearly a foot above the rule curve to 484 feet 11 inches by Tuesday morning after the front dropped nearly 4.5 inches of rain in Alexander City over the weekend.

Alabama Power’s Tallapoosa River Manager Chris Goodman said the upstream level at Harris Lake had peaked out by Tuesday morning, and with maximum generation at Yates Lake, the level at Lake Martin will start to come down.

Alabama Power did institute flood control procedures, adjusting the flows accordingly at Harris and Martin, Goodman said, and they could take additional steps if needed, but that isn’t likely to happen.

“We could open gates if we need to, but this event won’t justify that, though the creeks are putting in a lot of flow,” Goodman said. “We’ll probably see Martin start to come down over the next day or two.”