Martin Dam

Lake levels are expected to peak on Friday.

Alabama Power is following flood procedures on the Tallapoosa River, but operators at the dam do not expect to open spillway gates at Martin Dam at this time, said Alabama Power spokesman Michael Snajderman.

“The lake is at 488 feet, and we are anticipating that it will peak at 489 feet on Friday. If it reaches 489, then we probably will open some spillway gates – one or two is what we’re looking at now,” Sznajderman said.

Rains were not as widespread as anticipated, he noted, so while the rain has been locally heavy, the situation is not as bad as it could have been. Three of Martin Dam’s four turbines were generating on Tuesday afternoon, moving water through the river system and managing levels during the heavy rain events.

When the rains have passed and flood procedures are no longer necessary, the lake level will be drawn down to the winter pool level of 484 feet until March 1 when the rule curve will call for inching the level toward full pool on April 19.