Tubing is a favorite lake activity for Brantley and Will Calhoun. Photo by Kenneth Boone

As exciting as a roller coaster ride, bouncing across the water behind a boat on an inner tube may be the most popular recreational activity on Lake Martin. Kids and adults alike thrill at the wind in their hair as they cling to an air-filled float until the combination of forces send them sailing off to hit the water.

It’s a blast. There’s just no other word to describe it.

And it requires little investment in equipment that is readily available in a variety of forms, from actual tubes to shapes that include whimsical animals and living room sofas.

It also requires caution and good common sense to avoid injury and accidents, said Alabama Law Enforcement Officer Mark Fuller.

“The lake is big enough that there are plenty of places to tube safely,” Fuller said. “Avoid pulling tubers in traffic areas, such as Chimney Rock and docking areas. In these areas, it may be difficult for other boaters to change their course if the kids fall off the tube unexpectedly in front of them.

“Just be safe and have fun,” Fuller said.