Marine Police file photo

Cliff Williams

It was a relatively safe weekend on the water as only one boating accident was reported on Lake Martin during the Memorial Day weekend.

According to Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Marine Patrol Capt. Gary Buchanan, a minor accident occurred Monday afternoon between a jet ski and a boat near Kowaliga.

“It’s always nice when a busy holiday weekend like this is passed without any serious incidents,” Buchanan said. “We had just the one crash and there weren’t any injuries or anything like that. I think that speaks well of the majority of the boaters on the lake.”

Buchanan said boating traffic this year was as busy as it is every Memorial Day weekend.

There were three arrests on charges of boating under the influence and 14 arrested and charged with minors in possession of alcohol during the weekend, according to Buchanan.

Buchanan said boaters should not drink while on water for safety reasons in addition to it being illegal.

“People are accustomed to hearing about designated drivers on the highway but people still have the mindset that boating and alcohol go hand-in-hand and that’s just not the case,” Buchanan said. “In many respects it’s more dangerous on the water for a person who’s intoxicated and driving on the water than it is on the road.”

Seventy-eight citations and 203 warnings were issued during the weekend, according to Buchanan.