Chimney Rock top

A 33-year-old woman was knocked unconscious after jumping from  the uppermost platform of Acapulco Rock (aka Chimney Rock).

Jumper injured at Chimney Rock

Authorities said an Enterprise woman was conscious and alert after emerging unconscious following her jump May 18 from Acapulco Rock, known to Lake Martin area residents as Chimney Rock.

The incident was witnessed by Gina Hicks, who was passing by early that evening.

“My husband and I were going to Chuck’s Marina to eat,” Hicks said. “We stopped for a brief moment.”

Hicks said there were about six boats in the area when the 33-year-old woman jumped from the highest formation at about 5:30 p.m.

“She was up there with a friend,” Hicks said. “She jumped; she didn’t come up for a while. When she did, she was limp.”

Hicks said she was unsure if the jumper hit anything below the waterline.

“I did see her jump off,” Hicks said. “I didn’t see her hit rock.”

Hicks said a pontoon moved in to rescue the woman while the jumper’s friend stood at the top screaming the jumper’s name. 

“I called (911),” Hicks said. “They said a couple people had already called. They drove her to The Ridge Marina. We went on to eat at Chuck’s. When we came back through we could see water rescue and an ambulance at The Ridge.”

Capt. Gary Buchanan, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency central district commander, said the woman was knocked unconscious.

“She was transported by Alex City ambulance to Russell Medical. At last report she was conscious and alert,” Buchanan said.

Hicks said after seeing the incident, she has already warned her three teenagers.

“You see some do backflips and stuff from up there and nothing happens,” Hicks said. “This one, though, scared me. I have already talked to (Hicks’ children) and told them don’t ever jump off that rock. It is just too dangerous.”

~ Cliff Williams