Tims Island

Private islands are rare on Lake Martin, and this one in Blue Creek is now for sale. 

It’s not often that a private island comes up for sale on Lake Martin, especially one in the middle of Blue Creek, but Tims Island just west of Curry Point went on the market last month.

The third and outermost island in a string south of Murray Road to its north, the 1-acre forested isle already has preliminary clearance for utilities, including underwater power supply, septic, water filtration and geothermal HVAC. It has been approved for up to 10 boat slips, said listing agent Richard Buchholtz with Securance Realty.

“It’s already been verbally approved for seawall all the way around,” Buchholtz said. “It’s a stone’s throw from The Ridge. One side faces the condos at Crown Point, and it’s right around the corner from Chuck’s.”

In fact, the island once was owned by Chuck Williams, who built the popular Lake Martin marina south of Curry’s Point in the late 1960s, said the island’s owner, Tim Williams.

“My dad was Chuck, and I was about 10 years old when he built Chuck’s Marina,” Williams said. “The Curry family owned quite a bit of property in that area back in the ’20s before the dam was built. They had an old homeplace near the island, and when the lake came in, they didn’t sell to the power company.”

The land, including the island, eventually came to be owned by Dewey Curry, a friend of Chuck’s.

“I remember as a kid going out to that island and dreaming of having a house out there one day,” Williams said. “There’s some real nice rocks on the west side, and I would sit there and look out at the lake in the afternoon. It’s just mesmerizing.

“My dad got into the real estate business in the ’70s and started Lake Martin Realty. Mr. Curry wanted to develop and sell some of his property, so my dad helped him develop Curry’s Point and sell the lots.”

In 1997, when Curry had sold off most of his property, Chuck bought the island from him.

Chuck eventually sold the marina and the real estate company to Russell Lands, who in turn, sold Chuck’s Marina to its current owners. He continued to run the real estate company for two more years after Russell Lands bought it, Williams said.

In 1999, Williams purchased the island.

“It was my intention in the early 2000s to build and live on it. I took an architect out there and did some surveying on it. I was a contractor on the lake, and I planned to build an all-glass house on the west side, so I would have a 360-degree view. I also was going to build a one-bedroom guesthouse on the east side for a caretaker who would maintain the property when I was gone,” he explained.

Alabama Power Company devised an initial concept for running cables underwater from a metered box on the mainland, so as not to affect the view or hinder boat traffic, Williams said. County engineers approved the island for a septic system, and Williams – a pilot who owns antique aircraft – planned to design a floatplane area.

“On the north side, there’s a basin that’s perfect for putting in the dock. It’s got good swimming areas on the east side, and the water drops off very deep on the west side,” he added.

In recent years, Williams has enjoyed the island with his friends, who unofficially christened it Tims Island. He retired early and shelved plans to build on the island, and now, he said, it’s time to pass the dream on to someone who might just really make it happen.

For more information about Tims Island, contact Richard Buchholtz at 205-233-0000.