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Want to see your Realtor cry like a baby? Here are several scenarios that will do just that:

Ask to see homes that are waaay out of your approved price range.

It is so exciting to experience other people’s gorgeous homes – to look inside their big master bathrooms (is that a bidet?!); to feel the thick granite on their kitchen counters; to sit down on their new gray sectional sofas; to pet their darling doggies – but it just ain’t cool if your intention is not to purchase it. While your Realtor loves you and respects you, please don’t put her/him in the position to have to explain to you that your pocketbook simply cannot afford the mega-mansion and that viewing it would be deemed rude.

Go to an Open House without telling your Realtor. 

This is a major no-no. Let’s say you and your Realtor have been viewing homes for weeks. You’ve built up a nice rapport; then, your Realtor has to go out of town on family business. Unbeknownst to your Realtor, that same weekend an Open House sign goes up in the neighborhood that you really want to be in. The right thing to do is to call your Realtor and tell him/her about the open house and that you want to attend. Your Realtor could then call the Open House Realtor to explain that you will be attending and that you are their client. I guarantee that the Open House Realtor will greatly appreciate this courtesy call, as will your Realtor.

Make a large purchase while in escrow. 

This one not only will make your Realtor cry, but also, there probably would be some gnashing of teeth involved and maybe a bad word or two. I know you need furniture for your new home. I know you really want that new SUV to haul all your new stuff to your new home. I know you need a new boat for your new lake home, but don’t. Don’t make large purchases while in escrow. 

Doing so could jeopardize your loan; and therefore, the purchase of your new home. If you absolutely must make a large purchase, wait until after closing.

Call on your Great Uncle “Fred” to give you real estate advice because he sold real estate in 1968 for a spell.

You have no idea how many times this comes up. Your Realtor has to keep his/her credentials current and fresh through rigorous continuing education requirements and Code of Ethics® training. Your Realtor has to adhere to local laws, state laws and national laws, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Take real estate advice only from your fiduciary Realtor, not Uncle Fred. While well-meaning, Uncle Fred could really jeopardize your negotiating position and cause you to miss out on the home of your dreams.

Scout around on your own and look inside a for-sale-by-owner without your Realtor.

Now this one really makes my stomach hurt. There is nothing wrong with anyone trying to sell a home on his or her own. I certainly don’t recommend it, of course, but that home is just that – theirs.

FSBOs can be a different sort of folk. Maybe their Mama and Daddy sold a home without an agent in 1980 and did just fine. So they decided to do the same thing and save that commission. It can be scary when FSBOs delve into the world of appraisals, title searches, termite inspections, home inspections, radon inspections, mold inspections, closing costs, earnest money and contracts. Remember, the FSBO works for the FSBO, not the purchaser.

Don’t go it alone with a FSBO; call your Realtor to act as your liaison. Your Realtor can call the FSBO to request him/her to show the home to you, to work on your behalf. Most FSBOs are happy to allow your Realtor to show you their homes. Remember, they want to sell, too.

These are a few of the ways to make your Realtor cry like a baby. Don’t do any of these. Okay?

Amy Clark is the broker of Selling Lake Martin, a boutique real estate company specializing in Lake Martin property sales. Amy and her Realtor/Homebuilder husband Todd make their home on Lake Martin. Contact her at