Yoga is an empowering health practice from which all ages and fitness levels could benefit, according to Eclectic’s certified yoga instructor Cammy Day, who owns Harmony Yoga. The recently opened studio at 31 Main St. holds classes of varied-intensity each week to fill a fitness void in the area.

“I’m grateful for this opportunity to help people. Everyone can benefit from yoga,” said Day.

As a longtime supporter of yoga and believer of its benefits, Day loves to share that value with others.

“It’s fulfilling when my clients report improvements in their pain, mobility or stress levels. The serene look on their faces at the end of class is priceless,” said Day. 

Having experienced a personal life-altering transition through yoga, Day hopes others will enjoy similar outcomes.

“I had been an avid runner for many years. After receiving a medical diagnosis, my doctor advised me to stop running. Instead of accepting that outcome, I developed a consistent yoga practice. Not only did I regain my ability to safely run, but also I am vibrant and healthy. My life has been revolutionized in every way due to yoga, which is why I became a certified instructor,” said Day. “It’s my heart’s desire to help others improve their lives and reap those same benefits.”

More than simply a teacher, Day has a sense for helping others and finds it rewarding to see the improvement yoga has made in people’s lives. Yoga is valued for developing mobility, flexibility and balance. These attributes can translate into enhanced daily functionality, more resilience and fewer injuries. 

“Yoga helps create strong, balanced muscles, which although not the focus, can result in weight loss over time. Everybody has a yoga body,” said Day. “Nobody left behind is my motto.”

Harmony Yoga offers classes in chair yoga, power yoga, restorative yoga, vin yasa flow yoga and vin yin yoga. The classes vary in intensity and purpose. For example, restorative yoga is for relaxing and de-stressing, while vin yin is a blend of yoga flow and holding poses.

“My chair class is adapted yoga, which is especially advantageous for the elderly or injured but open and beneficial to anyone. It is milder than other forms,” said Day. “Right now, we have many beginners, and all levels are welcome to attend.”

Day teaches her clients to tune in and listen to their own bodies, as they learn proper alignment and form. While some attend classes at the recommendation of their physicians, most are there because they’re eager to begin a practice after learning about the many benefits of yoga, she said.

While Day prefers power yoga for herself, she loves instructing in all forms.

“Teaching is very rewarding. I see a lot of progress in people that come regularly, and it makes me happy to see them becoming empowered. It’s great for them to realize they’re capable of much more than they thought,” said Day.

Yoga classes provide all students with the equipment they need, including mats; however, people are welcome to bring their own mats and supplies. Classes are 60-minutes long.

The studio is converted from the front 600 square feet of Rita Falk’s office building. Falk is the owner of Tangarray weddings and events, president of Brand New Promo and manages An Eclectic Christmas, held on her farm.

“I always felt that I didn’t have time to drive out somewhere for a fitness class, and my sister is friends with Cammy and suggested she start something up here in Eclectic. The response was overwhelming,” said Falk. “I was happy to offer up the space. Plus, I have the shortest walk to class!”

Currently, Day also contract teaches at other locations and plans to open a second Harmony Yoga location in the Lake Martin area. 

For more information or for the full schedule of classes, visit HarmonyYogawithCammyDay on Facebook or call Day at 334-303-2087.