The City of Millbrook also recently launched a new website, which is easily accessible, interactive and a good resource for residents and visitors.

“We had an online presence before this, but it wasn’t very complete or pretty. It was lacking information,” said Ann Harper, City of Millbrook economic development director.

The City contracted with Tallapoosa Publishers, Inc., to create the website and provided TPI with the proper content to update important information regarding the town.

“It took us a while to get it up and running. We didn’t have a lot of history on hand, so we had to go to different city departments and get additional information,” said Harper. “Now, it’s a great source for people to find answers to easy questions.”

The site, which also is mobile friendly, is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. It will be maintained by the City of Millbrook’s IT department.

“TPI was wonderful. They were so patient and helpful during the construction of our website and are willing to help out with future needs if something comes up,” said Harper. “But we will manage it internally, since we know our needs the best.”

While the City did a soft launch of the website, officials wanted to work out the kinks before spreading the word.

The website is a valuable resource and a way to communicate with citizens. There is a section under way that will provide important announcements and a city calendar.

“Since it's tax-payer funded, we wanted to provide our citizens with the necessary information,” said Harper.

The new site also should aid with economic development, as it is a one-stop shop to learn about the community.

“People looking to locate businesses here want to understand our community and acquire a sense of place. We wanted a nice website, not only to serve the residents but also to showcase the community as a whole,” said Harper.

Some pages are still under construction, such as the police department, and the City hopes to get that up soon. Eventually, Harper hopes, the website will be even more interactive.

“It will continue to evolve. We have loftier goals, and it needs some work, but Mayor Kelley is pleased with it and thinks it's a good representation of Millbrook,” said Harper.

When someone types ‘Millbrook’ into a search engine, the new website,, is the first to pop up.