Tallassee Mayor John Hammock prides his administration on remaining as transparent as possible. As a result, the City contracted with local computer tech company WebDevil to build a new, complex, interactive website for the city.

“We did some research and realized our website was way past due for an upgrade. We used some money from a local economic line item and requested this upgraded resource,” said Hammock.

While the site took almost nine months to complete, it is jam-packed with useful information on just about every city service and department. Administrative assistant Wendy Clayton manages the website.

“It’s a lot of information but very easy to navigate. We offer ways to connect with the city clerk, administrative assistant, office of the mayor, city services, police and fire departments, utilities, municipal court – everything,” said Hammock.

The website also posts city council agendas and minutes; district maps; a history of Tallassee and additional documents for viewing. Hammock hopes to add building permits, business licenses and the like to the available list of forms in the future. A lot of these additions were never a part of the previous website.

One particularly popular item, Hammock said, is the option to pay utilities online.

“We have a lot of people who commute to work, and when they return home, City Hall is closed. We hope to include paying citations and other things online in the future,” he said.

The website features a calendar of events that city employees are continuing to update. Hammock said feedback from the community so far has been nothing but positive.

“It will evolve over time. We’re still testing the waters, but this definitely makes it easier for people to get the information they need,” he said.

The new website also is good for economic development and puts the community in a positive light.

“I wanted it to represent Tallassee, and when I think of Tallassee, I think of the river and bridging two counties with Thurlow Dam,” said Hammock. “The beauty of the town is well represented on the site.”

To view the City of Tallassee’s new website, visit tallasseeal.gov.