In October 2017, Dr. Ryan Peaden opened Lake Martin Chiropractic Health Center in Eclectic, just south of the Kowaliga Bridge, a location close to where he calls home.

Peaden graduated Tallassee High School; then, attended Auburn University Montgomery for his undergraduate degree. When he and his wife moved to Port Orange, Florida, for his four years of study at Palmer College of Chiropractic, they always knew they would come back this way. 

“What a blessing it was to come back to this area and start my own practice. My father is a family practice doctor, and I always thought I would follow his footsteps. When I graduated from AUM, I was ready to attend medical school, but chiropractic health care became my focus. I really wanted to be part of wellness care and not just treat symptoms,” Peaden said.

The Elmore County location is situated to easily receive patients from Tallassee, Wetumpka and Eclectic, as well as Tallapoosa County. Peaden said they have patients from Auburn and Montgomery, as well. 

Patients of all ages see Peaden for aches and pains ranging from severe migraines to low back pain and even plantar fasciitis. He stresses that chiropractic medicine is especially important for care and educates on how to prevent those aches and pains to maintain his patients’ health. 

 An initial consultation with Peaden includes an exam and a discussion of the patient’s health concerns, including prior injuries and medications. If X-rays are needed, they can be taken on site. Peaden’s office staff works with patients and their individual insurance plans to develop a unique treatment strategy that is appropriate for each.

“We want to locate the real problem; address the problem; and teach patients things they can do at home to prevent the problem from reoccurring. All joints can be treated, but my goal is to go further than just treating the symptoms in the neuro-muscular-skeletal system. Much of my job is educating patients on how to handle care at home; how to prevent re-injury; and how to stay healthy. Generally, a return to my office once or twice per month for maintenance care is what I recommend,” he said. 

Peaden played football and baseball at Tallassee High School; and then, he played baseball at Faulkner University on a baseball scholarship before attending AUM. He received chiropractic help on the sidelines for injuries and as prevention of injuries, but he said, that was not the main reason for his choice to become a chiropractor.

“I did not realize the importance of a chiropractor for athletes back then. Now, I am happy to volunteer on the sidelines with the Elmore County High School football team. I really want to make a difference in the lives of athletes. Many of their injuries can be treated with chiropractic care, which can also prevent many injuries,” he said. 

Peaden said it is never too late to address health and begin to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

“My number one suggestion would be to keep moving. Exercise, or actually just moving throughout the day rather than sitting down, is so important. Many of the nutrients needed for our joints and discs come from movement, and movement keeps those areas healthy,” Peaden said. 

His second suggestion is preventative care. With a visit to a chiropractor, any aches and pains could be addressed, and a plan to take care of those problems could begin with guidance and be maintanence at home. 

“Our bodies are not made to be fixed one time and then nothing ever happen again. We need preventative care and maintenance to stay healthy,” he said. 

Peaden, his wife, Kimmie, and their two daughters live in Eclectic, and they are thrilled to be back near their home turf. Lake Martin Chiropractic Health Center is located at 8341 Kowaliga Rd in Eclectic. For more information, visit