Made to perform as beautifully as they look, Lake Martin's Riva boats skim the surface during the recording of a film to honor their maker

Narrative Films last month released a YouTube documentary video, A Tribute to Carlo Riva, which was recorded last fall on Lake Martin and featured several area residents. Posted Sept. 7, the video applauds the engineering genius of Carlo Riva, who built the world-renowned Riva series of mahogany boats for an exclusive audience.

Last fall, Lake Martin’s Mark Clark, a collector of the Riva line, hosted the Lake Martin Riva Run with Steve and Mary Windom, also Riva owners. They invited director Tyler Russell, a camera crew and a small group of Riva enthusiasts to visit Lake Martin landmarks during the making of the video. The event was featured as a photo essay in the October 2019 issue of Lake magazine, which is available online at lakemagazine.life.